Sunday, November 19, 2006

The english gramatics

Hi mates! Today I’m want to be a serious. I am notice more and more that there are many poeples that is coment in my blog that are not speak the good english. I’m know many of thems are australian and I’m understand is a dificult to write in the 2nd language but is not a good excuse really. You are never know, may be one day they are want to leave the sheep farm and come to england for work in a pub or edit the fish magazine. And then they will need the english. look to me. i’m italien. if I can do, so you can! Is a serious problem for the world today. english is an international language and evryone is need it, from the homeless in amsterdam to the ladyboy in thailand, they are all speak "the international language of comunication". But in the same times the english peoples are forget there fuck language. just like in the football, the rugby or the croquette, the english are invent the game and forget for how to play!

Of course mainly is a very dificult to learn the english because of the english teachers – the worst profesion in all the country. How we can trust to this peoples to teach the world "the international language of comunication" is a completely mysterious for me. Most english teachers are completely losers that are not able for find a english girlfreind so are try for fuck as many foreign womens as posibly, usualy the Japan or Korea ones that are very quiet and impresionable and are not really understand how much a loser is the teacher.
The mens teachers usualy are take many drugs and think they are very clever becuase they can to speak there own language very well, and think they are very handsomes because after many years of fail to pull up the english girls because of there shit job are finaly manage to fuck with a lonly and vunrable Japan girl that is not understand nothing in english at alls. the womens teachers are usualy ugly, without sensation of humor, have a boyfrend that is work in the publishing and spend the all day complaning because the photocopyer is not work. For become a english teacher is a very easy. Simply join a unsucesful band or become a failure actor, and then in the spare time teach english in a language school with a fuck rubish name such as “Garden of Eden Language training” above to the shoe shop in Oxford Streets. then invite all your students to your rubish gigs and take there money.

Anywhere, I must stop now before I am become too anger. So without more further do, please sit back, take a pen and papers, and prepare to learn the english from one that is know ...

Today I’m want start with the gramatics. The gramatics is the “building block” of language. Is more impotant even then the words. How? I’m explain ... if I am a tourism in England and I’m very need to use a toilet in a pub but I’m not know the word, is not really a problem. I can draw a picture, make the sounds of a flush or a shits, or even make a little performance or miming. Of course the bar man will to understand and allow me for use the bath room. BUT if I am not know the corect gramatics can be a very confusion. He is not know if I am talk in the present and I need a shit now in this moment, or if I am talk in the past and explain about a nice shit I was make yesterday or if I am tell him my future plans for a shit tomorow. By the time he is find out the real, I probably am make an acident in my trousers. What a shames!

The english gramatics is very simply. Is divides into 8 units more or less, that is call “tensions”. they are tell you the time of what you are say: present, past and futures. Below I am present my guide to the english tension system:

Present Simply (or simply Present)
Is the tension that is use for describe something that is hapen every day or is a regular activity. So you can say “I am get up at the morning” or “I’m brush my teeths” or “I’m smoke a joint” or “I’m make a wank” because this things are regular and are do evry day. For this reason is the favorite tension of the autistics, like the Dustin Hoffman. If is something not usual or regular, or you are not do it on the Sundays, you must to use the present simply progresive.

Present Continues
Is the tension that is use for describe something that is hapen now, in this exactly moment, for example “I siting in front my computer”, “I tiping”, “I becoming bored, I thinking about look to some porns”. Is a very dificult tension to use because is not posible always for describe what is hapen now - by the time you are finish the sentence something other is hapen and the thing is finish. The way for avoid this problem is to make your watch one minute slowly so you have some extra time for make the sentence.

Present simply passive
Mates, consider about this two sentences:

1. The dog was bite the man
2. The man was bite by the dog

May be you can to see, there is a diferent very suttle but very impotant. In the first sentence, the dog was bite the man. But in the secondly sentence, the man was bite the dog. So we are use the pasive tension when the person (or dog) that is make the action is more impotant, or we are not know who is make the action, or we are not care who is make the action, or we are not remember the name of the person. Which is make it a very pointless tension and one that is not really need in english. However is very usefull for report the crime and is use often when you are call to the polices, for example if you are attack, or if you are rape or if you are sting by the wasp. But pay atention – if you are use the pasive tension incorectly, the pigs will beleive that you are the crime and not the victim and may be will to arest you.

Present Perfect
This is the tension you are use if the action was begin in the past but you can see the result now. is formation by the noun “have” follow with the past particle, for example “I have spilled my beer to the floor” Remember we can only to use this tension if we can see the result now - so if you are say “I have made a wank”, probably still you are cleaning the semens from the belly. Is a very childish tension and is use usualy only by the childrens very youngs, for example “mummy I’ve done a poo”. Is why you will not find never an example of this tension in my writings.

Present Perfect Continues
Similar like the present perfect, accept is a continuos action that is never end. You must to be very carefull with use this tension because can be very confusion. For example, consider about the following sentences:

1. I have wanked since 6 years (Present Perfect)
2. I have been wanked since 6 years (Present Perfect Continues)

The firstly sentence tells us that I was start wank 6 years ago, when I was have the 14 years, and still do from times to times when I am not have the girlfriend. But the secondly tension is a very difference. Is mean I am make a wank continuously, without end, for 6 years!! Evrybody is know that this is a fuck imposible! The most longest I was ever make a wank was just 27 minutes. Stefano was tell me he was once make it for 3 hours and 52 minutes but he is a fuck lier and I’m not beleive. Anywhere, you can to see the danger of this very confusion tension so pay atention or you may end in the prison, in the especial part for the criminal insanes or pervertes very sickness.

The Past

Is a very simple tension and we are use it for any actions that are finish and was take place after the year 1900 (for any action that was hapen before this time, use the past historic). The formation is a very simple, just put the was before the verb. Anybodys that can not use this tension corectly is probaly suffer from profound learning dificulty or is a retarded. the english are use this tension less then most other europe peoples, because they often are get so drunk and not remember the past at alls.

The Futures

Here is a quote from my english teacher, a fuck idiot that was only do this job for fuck the Japan girls:

“The English language, unlike French or Italian for example, does not have a future tense. Futurity is not expressed by the conjugation of the verb; instead there are a number of lexical structures that are used to articulate future plans, wishes and intentions.”

This is tipical of the english whose are the most pesimistic peoples in europe. they are know that the tomorow is bring only the rain, and an other day in the pub drinking warm beer and watch the ugly womens make a fight, so they are pretend there is no futures. But is a fuck ridiculous. of course there is always the future, even so for the english.

There are many ways to talk the future. if you are think you are probably make the action you can to say “I’m will take some acids tomorow”. If you are more sure and is a plan or intent, you can to say “I am going to will take the acids tomorow”. if you are very sure and you was alredy buy the drugs, you can to say “I am willing to take the acids tomorow”. if you are really fuck sure and there is no dought in your mind at alls, you can to say “I am alredy going to will take the acids tomorow” which is mean you was do it alredy. In this ways, the future is become the past, leading us to conjecture about the very nature of time and its fragile relationship with linguistic form and spatial boundaries. For this reason is the favorite tension for the drugs users and is very popular in the acids or mushrooms partys.

So mates, I'm will to stop there because I am sure is enough for one day and I am become very boring and want to look to some porns. But remember to study always, and please say me the results. I am look forward to hear your coments!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

new move

Are you know mates, about a new move that is soon realised in the united Britain? Is call "Borat" and is about one craze English jewish that is pretend for be a foreign and speak the english very rubish and take the piss of other peoples that is not know he is an english. Is sound very rubish, no? I'm sure that the peoples are not like or think is a funy, except may be few austrians. Are you agree?

new game

I'm must thanks to my good freind professor wigins-racism for this new game. is call, antagonize this cunts that are think they are inteligence. i am start alredy and some other estrangers was join in. Unfortunately they was not like my coments and delete all of thems. now you must to be a bloger for make the coments, becase they are so scare. I'm think they are jealousy because I am a clever but not a fuck boring student like thems. Anyway, is not mater, because I was save the web page and am make a copy below. Mates, if you are like to make the coment, you are know where for go!!

"Things in themselves, appearances, noumena, and phenomena, Jessica Leech"

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jonny said...
A quote from Ramsey"We could always cheat a theory of our voluntary actions. i.e. the comlpete statement of our nature (the laws by which we would react to any stimulus) must be such that we couldn't understand it and spite it. Therefore we cannot understand our own nature."I don't understand what noumena are, but if Ramsey's argument is correct, would this mean that there can be no noumenal self? Or perhaps that the noumenal self is necessarily non identical with the self in its self?
4:25 PM

Jess said...
That is my idea I think, though not necessarily the same motivation. We can't know anything (much) about the noumenal self by definition - it is just something that we posit as grounding the phenomenal self. There are arguments elsewhere to show that 'the self proper' cannot be the noumenal self. But my argument against the two distinctions being co-extensive leaves room for the possibility that this 'self in itself' is not the noumenal self. So there is somewhere we can locate the real self, that does not require it to be phenomenal, noumenal or empirical.There is of course the point that we can't know anything about a thing in itself, and hence we can't know anything about a self in itself. We can only have knowledge of such things as they appear. This doesn't mean we can't understand anything about our own nature though. We can understand a lot by looking at these appearances, and the conditions of the possibility of our experience being as it is. For example, we can find out that the real self is a thing in itself...
6:25 PM

Jonny said...
I take Hume to be correct when he says there is no experience of the self. In other words the self is not an object of experience. If there is no noumenal self, no appearance of self, and no phenomenal self, could it not be that there is no self in itself either?
9:54 PM

Gianluca Francetti, Milano said...
I'm agree with you Jessica. But what means noumena? is a kind of disease, when you are stay in the rains to long, no?
1:13 PM

Bobs Wheezer said...
Another quote from Ramsey:"Get the fuck out of my kitchen you useless fucking student fuckers".
1:14 PM

Prof. edmund tigalde, University of Arkansas said...
Alvaro Jimanez, in his seminal work "Volition, Self Will and the Permeation of the Noumenal Self", argued that in fact the real self can only be located in conjectural terms. Nothing is known of the self, except that which is filtered through the semi-holisic filter of a liberal framework for understanding post-Franciscan thought. Granted, that leaves little room for Nadmare's "roundabout" theory, an allegorical and somewhat naive reference to the libertarian pursuit of tautological empiricism, but I still believe that Jiminez's central posit, that all belief is grounded in hypothetical dictat, is a valid one.
1:28 PM

Prof. edmund tigalde, University of Arkansas said...
I forgot to capitalize my name. Please accept my sincerest apologies.
1:29 PM

Prof. edmund tigalde, University of Arkansas said...
Oh fuck, I've done it again.
1:30 PM

Gianluca Francetti, Milano said...
Is the same Alvaro Jiminez that was arrest in Tijuana for wank a pupy in the cinema?
1:31 PM

Prof. Edmund Tigalde, University of Arkansas said...
The very same, Francetti.
1:31 PM

Yodit Berekat, Hounslow said...
I come from Eritrea, where puppy-wanking is a time honoured tradition, celebrating the transition from boyhood to adultery. Are you seriously trying to tell me that this is a criminal offence?
1:34 PM

Marek Logan said...
Can we please return this conversation back to the matter in hand. As a philosophy undergraduate at King's College London I am extremely interested in the debate which Ms Leech has initiated, and do not wish to see it degraded in this manner.
1:39 PM

Marek Logan said...
Then again, what do I know? I once spent several years walking backwards through the streets of Northampton, occasionally pausing to strike the ground beneath me with a stretch of aluminium piping. It was funny and I'm an intellectual.
1:43 PM

Leonardo Apparicio Fijo Garcia said ...
While we are prepared to tolerate the wanking of small animals in the privacy of one's home, we are resolute in our belief that such overt displays of outward affection should not take place in a public arena, where young children may be frollicking, such as football stadia, roller-discos or cinemas. This was Professor Jiminez's crime and for this he was punished accordingly.

Superintendent Leonardo Apparico Fijo Garcia,
Chief of Police,
Municipality of Tijuana,
Baja California,

Alvaro Jiminez said ...
I would just like to put a stop to all this terrible slander and defamation that is taking place on these pages. I am a respected academic and scholar. Please understand that this vicious rumour-mongering could cause profound and irreversible damage to my career and reputation. So, for the record, I would like to make it absolutely clear that I never argued that the self can only be located in conjectural terms. I was talking allegorically and in fact referring to the belief that all will is willful unless one has, in fact, unwilled it. Something like that anyway. Right, must go, the puppy's barking.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

what a craze

Now I'm really fuck annoy. Remember I was say the last times the world is a craze. Well was just become more! I was read in the newpaper that now the all austrians are try for kill evry jellyfish in the sea as a revenge for Steve Orwen. Is a fuck ridiculos! Orwen was not want this. He was love the jellyfishs. Is why he was try for wank thems!! Yes, is true he was hate the snakes and the croccodials. is why he was put the snakes in his pants and say "crickey" (austrian word for cricket because they are to laze to say the completely words) and allow all other workers in the zoo to hit the crotch very hard with fuck big cricket sticks. and is why he was always make his baby to eat the croccodial meats during the show in his zoo - he was want humiliation this animal. But he was love the jellyfishs! My austrian freinds, I beg to you. Please stop this behave and respect to the animals, because in the next lifes maybe can be you. Yes?

Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm feel so dawn

Dear mates,
today I'm want to be serios. Is no time for a funy. I'm like to espress my great condensations and comiserys for the poors peoples of austria that was this month sufer not one but two teribly tragics. Firstly the die of Steve Orwen, the great explorator, conservative and acter (star for Crocodile Dundee, Eastenders and an other very shit austrian film) who was tragedally killed by the barb wire when try for wank a jellyfish in the Austrian ocean. Secondly, the find of the little poor girl that was abduct by a perverte DJ and made to lissen garage music for 10 years. 10 fuck years! This world is a craze and I'm not enjoy the rideing. Stop! I'm want get out. So I'm like to share the sad with all austrians, asbo and normals, in this terribly moment. Good nights.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

the asbos

Hi Mates! Long times no sea!!

Today I was recive a letter very stupid in my door-hole. was from the neigbor, Mr. Ken Boreham, in the next door (date-up: I am now move from the italy, and am live in the Hackney, london, recently vote cultural capital of united britain for guns culture, drugs culture, stabs culture etc) the letter was write in a very shit hand-written. I'm think this man is not speak the good english. Anywhere, it was warn for us about the "asbo youths", the kids of the aria that are make the crimes, , smash up the doors, break down the windows, kick the cats, vandal the grannys etc etc. this man was a very anger and anoying because this cunts was smash and vandal his car and now he must to walk to the pets shop evry day.

In someway I'm agree to the man. this kids are cunts and must to be punishment. How? I'm not know, I am not a Justice ... some people are say the capital punishment but for me this is too hardly. everybody know that if you are beat the childrens with the stick or cudgel he is become a great pervert in the future. This was true in the england public schools. All the boys was recieve the capital punishment and then was become great perverts that was do many discusting things like wank in the biscit. (No mates, is not a joke. Even in this days there are some famouse england judges and lawers that are become very shamed when they are offer the biscit and must to leave quickly and secretly the room for make a wank). For me some fines is a better or prehaps a little tortures. in the fact, i'm blame to the parents. Why they are let this boys to smoke and drink outsides in the streets? Evrybody is know that smoke the ganga insides is a better where you can to play the video games or watch the porns.

Where I was? Oh yes, in some ways this man is a right but why he is blame to the asbo youths? all youths are make the trouble - blacks, whites, somaliacs, islamics, muslims, chechens, faroe islanders etc ... not only Asbos. And how he is know they was make the smash-ups to his car? Just because they are the original peoples from the australia, smoke many weeds, make good fires and always go to the walkabout ( pub very shit in london, full up of austrians) is not mean they are make the crimes and vandalisation. In the fact I'm think Mr Ken Boreham is speak a fuck rubish! I'm never see one asbo in my estate or even so in london. Is too much cold! And the beer is too expensives. I'm will to write a letter to mr Loach imediately. For me is a kind of racism, no?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Happy New Years mates!

Happy new years mates! Sorry I am not write for a long times, I was in the holiday in the spain for pass with my sister and her spansh husband Pepe. Are you know this country mates? Is a very nice one, similar as italia exept they are more laze, sleep all the day, are hate more the animals and the hairs of the womens under-arm is a little more longer. Was a very nice mates but are you know that the cristmas is a very different? Yes they are have the turky for the lunch, but the preparation is a diffrent. The turkey is a live and is run in the kichen and all the childrens are try for stab it with cocktail sticks. When they are injury the turky very much, one man is dress us very gay and is take his serviette of red colour and wave the serviette, with listen to some fuck nice guitar musics play by the pet gypsy. the turky is become a fuck angry because the turky are not like serviettes (for animals is not necesary) and is run to the man for try to eat up the serviette. then the man is wait and with great skills and dexterity is stamp on the head of the turky. All the family is cheer as the head of the turkey is squash-up. Then they are throw the turky for the rubish and eat some fuck nice ham, because is the only meat that the spansh peoples are know how to cook.

You can imagination mates I was very surprising. I was think that christmas is the sames in the all world but now I am know diffrent. I was make a many researches in the internet and the libry for know more of this subject. In Romania for example of course this peoples are not afford a tree. So usually they are dig the grandmother or an others old relative that is burial in the garden and make stand in the corner. then the rotty corpse is cover with very beutiful decorations and lights and while the family is sing cristmas songs and discusion the jewish problem, they are remember the deads relatives. What a lovely!

In the islamic contrys the cristmas is a little diffrent. Of course the they are only drink non-alcoholic beer and wine and the womens are not allow for open the presents in public. Also because the mens are have so much wifes they are must to make too much cristmas shopings, so the shoping centres are become very crowd and dangerous. Evry year thousands of islamics are make the travel to the most big shoping centre of the world in Mecca, and many mens are crush to dead in the crowded. What a shames, but the religon is always make a craze.

But for me the most estrange and sickness cristmas is in the Australia (fuck big iceland of the world near Papa New Guinnee Pig) Evrything is a craze in this place. For first The Santa Cristmas is not go down the chiminey, he is climb up! But this is not the only strange. The austrians have a fuck nice traditional that is back-date from the begining of the contry (1788), when all the thiefs and rappists from liverpool, united britain, was have a fuck nice boat party, take many speeds and cokes, and wake up 3 days more later in the beachs of australia. evry cristmas the fathers are dress-up like a santa cristmas and enter the house by the chiminey. But they are not enter there house, they are enter the house of the neigbor. And they are not give the presents, they are take thems! After evrybody is steal as many presnts as posibly they are all go to beach and have a very big fight for return the presents. This year i was here that the fight was the most big in the all history of australia because somebody was also steal the kebab from the lebanon restarant. And the most stranger? The whether is a hot and suny! and so my austria friend was tell me is not like the europe, they are go the beach, surf the internet, throw a stick to themselfs and, unbeleivable, there is no "white stuff". Are you believe?? What a fuck boring rubbish. Evrybody is like smell the cokes in cristmas time, no?

Mates, are you know any funys about the cristmas? If yes, plaese say me the next year because now is a to late.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

the gay swiming

Hi Mates! What a happy! For final, the gay swimers was answer to me. You can imagination my exciting when I was receive this fuck nice respond:

Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 17:16:11
From: Pete Barry
Subject: Re: swiming club
To: "Gianluca Francetti"

Mate, you sound like a funny cunt! We'd love you to join us. I've shown your message to all the guys and they can't wait to meet ya ... get your ass down here Gianni boy! We meet every Wednesday at the Parsons Green Leisure Centre on the Westbury rd, SW6, 6.30 sharp cos the lanes only stay open til 8. Then its normally off to the King's Arms on Hope St for a few well needed beers. Are you as entertaining in the flesh as in your mails? Hope so! looking forward to seeing you,

I must confesion I was a very intereting for this propose. Pay atention mates, of coarse I am not a gay , but also I am not a homosexual (idiots peoples that are hate the gays). I am rastafari with a very open-up mind, that is like see the diffrent cultures, take the diffrent drugs, eat all kinds of vegtables, allow the womens for work on sunday etc etc If the gay is want swim, why no? Unless he is make dirty the water, or is always try for save the other mens that are not drown, or become too exciting and splash everyone because the water is a cold, is not problem I'm think. So i was very exciting to see this kind of alternatively lifestyles. And of coarse evrybody are know that the gays are the fuck best in the all world for take the drugs, and I'm sure is a fuck nice experiment for take the cokes and speeds and pop-ups before the swiming, so imediatley as soon as posibly notwithstanding nevertheless I was call to my freind Stefano and shout in a voice very strong "Stefano, we are make a gay swiming! Fuck lovely! Bring up some pills and meet to me in the plaza in 20 minutos. Lets do!" Malfortunately,was his mother that was answer to the 'phone (telephone), but never to mind, she is a craze.

20 minutos after I was meet to stefano and go to piscina. For first we was take some acids and when i was arive I was see a man quite large with some tattoo in his head. Im know the gays are love this tattoos, especialy now that is the name for the lesbians russians, every gay is craze for this. So I was ask to him "excuse me goozer, are you a gay swiming?". But then what a suprised! He was look at me fuck angry and try for punch me, fortuantly I was make a duck and the punch was go to the face of Stefano who was lose 2 teeths, I'm think. anywhere, i was continue for the change rooms and was see some mens. "Hi mates. Are you a gay swimings?" I was ask and they was start for laugh. I was laugh also because I was realise of course must to be they was take many drugs alredy and are feel fuck high. Very nice! Is a my kind of sports! "You must be Gianluca" was say one man and was shake up my hand, "I'm Pete". I was quite surprising because the shake was very strong and normal. Must to be the cokes, I was think.Then I was say my favorite joke which I know is a fuck funy and evrybody is enjoy; "what stroke are you make, Pete, because I'm know you are not like the breast stroke!" , and I and stefano was laugh to much, but the mens was just look to me serious and Pete was say "erm, yes we do breast stroke. Why wouldn't we?". May be they was not understand my funy I was think, and so I was say my second joke, even so more funy and hilarios. "And are we must to wear the rubber sock, for protection against the virus?" and we was colapse to the floor with laughing. When I was look up 5 minutos more later, they all was disapear. Very stranger. I'm think they are not understand the funys.

After, we was walk to the swiming pool. The gay swimers was alredy enter to the water and begin to swiming very fastly. "Pete!" i was cry, and he was stop but was look a little annoy. "What?" "When are we take the cokes?" But just he was shake the head and continue to swiming. What a mean, mates, he was not even want share. In the fact, may be they was go for a funeral that day because all the swimers was look very intents and serios. Lucky, I was very preparation and I was bring a bag of fuck nice things that i am sure the gay swimers are like to much. First I was take up my Ipod and speakers and play the most famous gay musics of the world "Abba: Pure Gold" We was turn up very louder and begin for dancing by the pool, try for make a very sex dance - make a little jumps, wave the hands, touch the niples etc etc. the mens was stop for swiming and look to us very serios. "What the fuck are you doing?", was shout one, "turn that shit off!" but now I was become very high and was not understand nothing. Stefano was even so more high because he was before receive the concusion (he was discover 2 days later after colapse in the bus. What a funy!) and was just turn round and round, with repeat "they got dad, they got dad". Then i was reach to my bag and take up my next surprisal. This time i was know the gay swimers would to be very hapy and enjoyment ... some flashing disco lights with the many difrent colors! Evrybody knows the gays are love this things. i was plug on and the pool was fill up with many beutiful brightly lights, orange and red and green. Now stefano was trip out to much and walk to the lights with the mouth very open like a mongol and begin to wrap his body with the lights. "What the fuck are they doing now?", was shout a somebody, "get them out of here!!", but i was to high for lissen. For final, i was pull up my last surprisal, a bottle of pop-ups (amyl nitration), the favorite drugs of every gay of the world, and put under the nose of the Stefano. Sudden, the eyes of the Stefano was go to white, some salivations was fall from the mouth and he was fall to the swiming pool with the lights around the body. What an amaze, mates! was a srong explosion, many smokes and some small fires in all parts of the piscina. was similar a firework party, but everybody was shout "fuck" and "shit" instead of "oooh" and "aaaah". Stefano was look a little black and was not move and I was laugh like a craze, when sudden i was see some gay swimers climb from the pool and shout "kill that cunt". I was not understand very good, but the last time I was hear this words was in the favela when a dealer very freindly was test the strong of a lead pipe on the head of the stefano. Sensationing the dangers, i was run from the piscina very fastly. I'm not know if the gay swimers was continue the party without I, but I'm think probably yes because they was look very exciting in the end.

So mates, was a very nice experiment, no? And now i am know that the gays are swim exactly as the normals, only more agressive. So for final, i'm just like to say, Water sports for all, no matter the sexy, race or oriental. Everybody can to enjoy. LET'S DO!

[Gianluca's note: some readers may be are realise that I am live in the italy and this history was hapen in the England. Is an easy explain. I was in the holiday. And also the stefano. and also the mum of stefano. thank you.)